C'est L'Halloween

So, it is finally that time of year again. 3 hours of running around town, going into strangers houses, taking their sweets-- and it is all socially acceptable. Simply put, it is the one time of year when you can dress like a prostitute and no one can call you one.

Of course, this year was the most enjoyable for me because... *drum roll*... I. Was. Sick!

If you didn't catch the hint of sarcasm in the above statement, let me make it a bit clearer; it sucked. I already have so much on the go that I was super excited to be able to have one night of "letting go". I guess I meant literally letting go the supper I ate 2 hours earlier. Despite this dramatic turn of events, I still had enough energy to get on my lovely costume and had out candy with my father. Am I ever glad that I did. More picture soon!

Cousin Mason and I:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Flapper Girls want YOU.

SO CUTE. Anyways, today also marked the last performance of Dr.Barnardo's Children, the play that I was involved in at The Livery. It was a blast and one of the most memorable plays that I have been involved in. Pictures and story will be posted soon!

To leave you tonight, I show my favourite Hallowe'en memories from public school. We sang this song for 7 years, and I have never--and will never-- get bored of it. C'est L'Halloween;


be an investor

Today I had a mini photoshoot with Ronnie. The camera we used is 3 years old, so for being so primative, it took decent pictures. You would think that because I work at Carman's Foto Shop, I would have a decent camera. Yeah, I though so too, but I need money before I can buy one.

This is a very comfortable and cute outfit. Pictures self-explanitory.

The Children's Place flare floods, Thrifted turtleneck, Duck/Bunny Necklace-Ronnie. Zellers shoes.




mr. fendi says hello

OH HIIIII THERE! Since life has slowed down a bit {not really, but I now have a few seconds to breath}, I will post what should have been done on Saturday morning. Here it goes;

While getting dressed for work this morning, I decided to go for Menswear chic, a trend that we have been seeing on the runways and will continue to for the Fall/Winter season.

 Bow Blouse-Alfred Sung, Paisley Suspenders-Thrifted ($2!!!)

Closest thing to a full body shot. Its kinda difficult you are vain and by yourself.

FENDI SHOES! These were a gift from a lady I am acting with. They were too small for her, so she gave them to me! I love her style, so they fit with my closet perfectly! And just like cinderella, the shoes fit too!

Triangle nose? Yep. Just getting into the Hallowe'en spirit!


parisian pride

I feel like a cross between a Parisian woman and a gypsy today. A "Paripsy" if you will. Kind of like a french Shakira, but not so hippy {I wish}

Shirt- Aeropostale {I KNOW! SIN!}. Skirt- Animale[Something Irresistible]

Shoes- Thrifted Liz Claibourne

Purse- The Shipping Store.

`Cause I'm a Gypsy`


hoochies and tea

My outfit today consisted of a pair of boots that have made controversy between my mother and I-if you can even call it that. I saw the lovely boots at Aldo, loving them as I first set eyes upon them. When I showed mom, she looked at me and snickered, "You think that I am buying you boots that look like THAT?"

"What does that comment even mean?" I replied.
"You don't need to look like a hooker." She said as straightly as a board. OK THEN MOM. Thanks.

Nontheless, they are super cute. Nope, actually: hot.

Boots- $75, Aldo
Isn't that a neat photo? Yay Ronnie!
Skirt- Eclipse
Thrifted blouse

My new teapot! $3


big fish, little bowl

These pants are now my most favourite thing in the world. I feel like a fish. I love fish.

Fish Pants, Zellers- *$7*. Turtleneck, Stitches. Jacket, Michael Kors. Pearl necklace, Great Grandma Collection. Shoes, Shoe Barn.

Pretty much self explanatory. I love life.