the karma forces

Today, my school of 600 pupils participated in an event known as the Walk-A-Thon; a fundraising campaign for the schools' many extra curriculars. This consisted of paying $40, walking a beaten up 14km trail to Colburne Public School, where half cooked hotdogs and a bouncy castle awaited them. And what was I doing while they engaged in such a stimulating event? I was at home: sleeping, eating, showering, and shopping. Thrifting to be exact. My ankle decided to work against its body, starting in May, and thus preventing me from participating.

Oh, what a shame.

Since I had nothing to do but ponder on my thoughts and twiddle my thumbs for a day, I concluded that my life needed some danger, a quest. An adventure. I decided to start my makeshift adventure by venturing into new territory. Well... more like a new location. I made my first trip to the Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. I KNOW. It sounds horrible! "Why has she never been there?" you might wonder. Well, honestly, I didn't really even know that it existed. I mean, I always donated clothes to the cause, and presently do, but I didn't realized that the store was open to the general pubic to shop in. The Salvation Army always has been, but not Saint Vincent. Atleast in my world. Apparently. As I walked in, I could sense that this was going to be a good shopping day. And was I ever correct.

Vintage Burlesque Dancing Wallet. $1.

 Granny Ballet flats. $3.

Retro flap purse. $2.

My proudest moment was defintley the discovery of this jem. Just as I was about to leave, I saw belts at the back of the store. Ronnie loves belts, so I decided to check it out (in the process, I was also offered an Oreo cookie. How could I resist a second reason to wander to the back?) Though, when I got to the back, I discovered that the belts were crap-Oh well... BUT: just as I turned around, I saw a bucket. Just an ordinary bucket containing wallets. Each for $1. Again- could I resist? Nope. Just as I set eyes on it, I saw it. It pretty much pushed all of the other wallets out of its way on its way to my hand. The heavens seemed to open up and set a beautiful light upon it. The legendary beige, red, navy blue, and white plaid. The sacred label. Burberry. I just about fainted. Especially when I inspected it and discovered it was authentic. Were the stars alligning? Was god on my side? Did the lucky penny that I found earlier on in the day bring me good luck? Yes.

YAY! Love it.

My outfit today is pretty simple, VERY laid back. Every girl needs a break for some comfort, correct?
Alfred Sung Glasses. Jacob sweater. Thrifted scarf, necklace, and gloves. Old Navy jeans. NEW THRIFTED PURSE.

Sfera Pumps. Paris, France. €35.

I love when karma is on my side.

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