thanks for giving.

Ah, Thanksgiving. The one holiday that Canada celebrates in October, and the USA in November. Just because the 2 countries need to be different. The time for turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and of course, cranberry sauce. Does anyone actually eat that stuff because of the taste, or just because they feel entitled to. Tis the season, or whatever...

This holiday, I did a whole lot of nothing. Pumpkin picking and walking to the stove to get 2nd and 3rd helpings of food were the extent of my physical exercise. But that's ok... MY NEW HOT TUB just burned off all the excess fat and calories with its heat. Yes, we finally did it. One small step for our family, one giant leap for our social lives. Did I hear someone say Hot Tub Party? Oh... Hot Tub Time Machine? Close enough. Though, it does look very futuristic with all of its fancy coloured lights, neck, hand, back, and foot massage jets, and 9 cup holders. Awe yeah. You heard me right. Cup holders. 9 of them.

This outfit is a small reflection of my life. The coloured tights are just like the flashing lights in and outside of the hot tub, the blue puffy sleeved dress is like the water inside the hot tub, and the pattern on the tights make me feel like a Christmas present. Kind of an assortment of feeling, but each one quite relevant.

Dress, Giant Tiger. Tights, Walmart.

Argyle Gift Wrap?

Beautiful puffy collar, pretty good for $9!

Royal Blue suede pumps, Jules & James (Zellers)

OH! Fancy shoe pose. Does this make me seem artistic?

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