{ cheese on stuff }

I discovered that we were royally screwed when I woke up this morning to frost... EVERYWHERE. When they say Winter Wonderland, they mean Goderich, Ontario at 6am today. Unfortunately, my camera has been a little... how would you put it... LAME for the past while, so I didn't even try to wake it up from its comatose state take some photos. Winter is coming whether we like it or not.

And to get into the winter spirit; I am sick. I have been feeling like dog poop for the past week, and I finally went to the hospital today, and guess what!? Strep Throat. How lovely. No wonder I can't talk, swallow, or breath without wanting to take a fire extinguisher to my throat. Oh well, at least no school for me [knock on wood]! I did, however, manage to get a few snapshots. Not of my ridiculous dog-riding-vespas pajamas, but of my clothing itself. The spilling-out closet.

This is terrifying. I think it is time to clean. It kind of looks like Zaboomafoo when the closet explodes.

{ a close representation }

Maybe I could pull a Loonette the Clown and do a ten second tidy.

Who made this big mess? Me? Haha. Yes.

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