how do you spell 'courtesy' ?

I am buying a new camera.

Since starting work at Carman's Foto Source, I have sadly realized how it sucks working around nice things. I now want a camera worth at least $500. $500 that I don't have because of too much compulsive shopping and saving for this. So instead of buying the camera, I just borrow it from work, use it, and bring it back on my next shift. We are not really supposed to do that, but whatever.

This is my future baby. Same quality as a SLR camera, but with a cute and compact design. Looks kind of industrial-inspired. I am pretty much in love with it.

Jacket-Something Irresistible.

Earmuffs-Melanie Lynne. Scarf-Bootlegger. Mittens-Zellers.


A classic. You know you are dealing with one classy bunch when...

All photos courtesy of my baby.
I love you Sweetheart!

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