the brigade

SO... I am finally back from Mexico! It was probably the most amazing trip that I have every been on! I can't even wait to post all the photos from it! I, along with my entire family, have a great deal of new found respect for Mexico, her people, and her culture. It was so diverse and welcoming, I wish I would have put it higher on the list for exchange destinations!

And now for other things of importance!

Happy Belated Birthday Nicholas and Jesus!
Nicholas is my brother, and he shares the same birthday as the son.

Christmas outfits. One of the most exciting parts of the season for me! I love to dress up in the colours of the season and wear luxurious fabrics and patterns! My family laughs at me every time. This year, I was asked by my Nana if "I was going to Florida!?!" Don't ask me how this makes any sense in context. It doesn't. This outfit is more appropriate for riding in a One-Horse open sleigh with than traveling to a tropical destination.

Wearing Old Navy Jacket, Thrifted Elephant skirt and skating hat, unknown scarf thingy, Diesel shoes, NEW Louis Vuitton handbag!

Another accessory that I am very proud of is my hair! It was braided traditionally by one of the locals during the trip. Isn't it just lovely? This sea lion seems to like it too.



Today is going to be a very short posting. Right now I am in Mexico: Puerta Vallarta to be exact! The place we are staying is a resort called Barcelo, ad it is heaven on earth. Examples? Let's just say that everything is included; ALL DRINKS (by all I mean A.L.L. drinks), food 24/7, and tours that consist of chillin' with dolphins and electric eels.

Just look for yourself. Isn't it beautiful?

Oh! Did I mention that I had a tequila tasting today? And that I bought a bottle of mandarin flavor?


eating chocolate icing.

So, we are almost there. Kinda. Toronto, Ontario { where we are flying out of }

Oh, and we leave in 6ish hours: that's 3am for people who are time-reading-challenged.

Because of this GREAT CONVENIENCE, we are staying at a hotel: the Quality Inn. At least they gave us paper and pens to entertain ourselves with!

( But they kind of wimp out on the pads of paper and pens: the most important part of the visit. The pen was dried up and the pad had ONE PIECE OF PAPER. )


Regardless of this great disappointment,  the night has been decently awesome. We ate an amazing dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant called Graffiti. It was delicious. Then we had a nap for a few hours. Now I am texting my JEALOUS friends back home and drinking strange tasting tap water. I can tell that this is going to be a good trip.

Tired, but still smiling.

How I feel about the early morning and spending 7 days with my family.



~barbie girl~

As everyone knows, I am a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World.
My life is plastic, it's fantastic.
You can brush my hair (it feels nice)
Or undress me anywhere (I have no boundaries)
Imagination, life is my creation.

But besides the point, I just about died when I saw this shirt, on sale at Old Navy, for $6.00
OH, and did I mention it has pink sparkles?

Wearing Bonnie Togs Faux Fur vest, Old Navy Barbie shirt and Uniform pants, thrifted shoes, and Ardenes spectacles.

Christmas is Coming! Only... *intensely counts on fingers* 10 MORE DAYS! AH! We have had 6 snow days, 3 last week and 3 this week, and its been great! I don't know why people complain about missing school! I love doing absolutely nothing productive 3 days in a row.
Right now I am packing.
For WHAT you might ask.
Well... we are going to Mexico for a week! We leave tomorrow and come back on the 24th. It will be so nice showing off our tans {sunburns in my case} to everyone!

HAHA suckas, I'm going to be warm in 24 hours!


what does 'mo-fo' mean?

A pensive Lexi stands beside the staircase.

Maximus peeks from around the corner with glowing eyes!

Wearing a Simons vest, hand-me-down skirt, Childrens Place stockings, random sequin belt, and Le Blanch {Paris} shoes. The necklace, though, is my favourite piece in the outfit! Its a random Ram {haha, punny} on a gold chain. A Celtic Festival thrift store find!


The 4th of December was the closing night of the amazing play that I was lucky enough be a part of: Train Tracks, an original piece written and directed by my lovely friend Bronwyn Armstrong. It was originally a short story she wrote for grade 9 English class based on a real boy in South Laurel, Maryland, who was struck by a train and killed while walking to school with his 5 friends. The most shocking thing about the story is that none of the 5 children said anything to the police, judges, or even their parents about the incident, so there was no real justice in the end. She worked on the play for 3+ years, and finally, she was granted the fall play slot at our school.

I auditioned and recieved the part of Katie, {the little boy's [Michael] little sister}. This part was more intense than I thought it was going to be, and it was quite difficult, especially because I was playing an 8 year old.

The play followed the journeys of 2 families--Michael's and the Walton's {Michael's best friend Jack, and our Mother's best friend Rose}

These are just a few of the beautiful photographs that Bronwyn shot of us during rehersal and performance.


A great finale. An amazing cast. One of the best & most emotional plays I've ever been in.

It says something when tissues are handed out before the play starts and all are used up by the end. There were lots of tears from even younger people in the crowd, and making people feel that type of emotion takes a great deal of talent.

Bravo, Bronwyn. Bravo.


flecks of gold

Thanks to my lovely friends and a shopping trip in London {Yes, London. Ontario, not the cool place overseas}, I now own an amazing pair of shiny gold pants! Love you guys!

Cardigan-Walmart. Shirt- Forever 21 (borrowed from friend!). Necklace- Great Grandma's Collection. Belt.

Pants- Sirens.

Shoes- Shoe Barn

Yesterday I saw you in class, you had on the Grey Hoodie--? Remember? Anyway I tried to text you but I don't have your number, :-( So I tried to pass you a note, but like the teacher almost caught me-- so anyways I was thinking about the dance coming up and I was like wondering, like thinking maybe of asking you??
                             XOXO :-)
                     The girl from math class.......

Definition of Awesome: Right Here. Hehe.