eating chocolate icing.

So, we are almost there. Kinda. Toronto, Ontario { where we are flying out of }

Oh, and we leave in 6ish hours: that's 3am for people who are time-reading-challenged.

Because of this GREAT CONVENIENCE, we are staying at a hotel: the Quality Inn. At least they gave us paper and pens to entertain ourselves with!

( But they kind of wimp out on the pads of paper and pens: the most important part of the visit. The pen was dried up and the pad had ONE PIECE OF PAPER. )


Regardless of this great disappointment,  the night has been decently awesome. We ate an amazing dinner at an awesome Italian restaurant called Graffiti. It was delicious. Then we had a nap for a few hours. Now I am texting my JEALOUS friends back home and drinking strange tasting tap water. I can tell that this is going to be a good trip.

Tired, but still smiling.

How I feel about the early morning and spending 7 days with my family.


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