flecks of gold

Thanks to my lovely friends and a shopping trip in London {Yes, London. Ontario, not the cool place overseas}, I now own an amazing pair of shiny gold pants! Love you guys!

Cardigan-Walmart. Shirt- Forever 21 (borrowed from friend!). Necklace- Great Grandma's Collection. Belt.

Pants- Sirens.

Shoes- Shoe Barn

Yesterday I saw you in class, you had on the Grey Hoodie--? Remember? Anyway I tried to text you but I don't have your number, :-( So I tried to pass you a note, but like the teacher almost caught me-- so anyways I was thinking about the dance coming up and I was like wondering, like thinking maybe of asking you??
                             XOXO :-)
                     The girl from math class.......

Definition of Awesome: Right Here. Hehe.

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Keegan Doherty said...

Yeah you better love those pants bitch! <3