why i'm sad - - the return

this has been a very strange, exciting, extremely sad, and quite eyeopening last 2 months,
all because of one thing,

i am now back in canada.


my last post on here was on February 23,
only a few days before i was admitted into the hospital.


i hadn't been feeling well for a few months, and FINALLY was taken to the hospital.
after many MANY tests, the doctors told me that i have pneumonia, mononucleosis, and was severely anemic (likely due to my korean diet). i was in the local hospital for 1 week, and was then transferred to the area's largest University hospital; PNUH when my condition deteriorated. 


And then my mommy showed up. 
I have never had a happier or more satisfying moment in my entire life.
All the weight in the world that was on my shoulders just lifted right away

I was discharged from the hospital 3 days later.
After some long discussions with my family, we decided that my health had to come first, and on March 9th i was up in the air, on my way back to home.


and now, here i am!
alive, feeling much better, and back home.

you don't realize how great something is until you don't have it
i love canada,
my family,
my dogs,
my canadian food,
my bed.

now that summer is just around the corner, i have a happier skip in my step. i have reflected, remembered, and given thanks for the amazing experience that i have had.

korea was strange-
strange customs,
strange food,
strange language

but i grew to love many parts of it, but mostly, my friends:

aidan, clara, merlin, nasiba, ai chun,

 에이든, 클라라, 멀린, 나시바--유나, 에군

you are all in my heart forever

영원히 사랑해~~

now i will step into a new chapter in my life.
it doesn't mean that the book is closed - i'm just turning the page.

my life will forever be changed from this amazing experience. this was the hardest and most rewarding  year of my life so far.
all the people -- that will be my best friends for life -- were worth all the struggles and heartache.

so much crying..

until next time,