just see ya

at least i can post my lookbook for today ... it's an embedded code { whatever that means } ! kkk

i had a wonderful adventure with emily today in stratford~ she had to catch the train to toronto tonight, 
so we took advantage of the day: 
spent it shopping and eating sushi!

hopefully i can get this picture thing sorted out soon enough so i can share my birthday loveliness with everyone ~!

sleep tight



making gif

i don't know what the hell is going on with my blog..
my photo uploading pop-up screen { the big rectangle in the middle of the screen that is "loading" }

and i have all these birthday photos to upload ! !
i am just going to let blogger have a day of rest..
and i will upload them as soon as their technical difficulties are worked out!

don't worry - - it isn't me neglecting the blog!

love & xxoo


cocktail party

ronny roo and i threw a cocktail party last night!

what a blast ; such a classy and fun time!

pre-party meditation

frantic preparations

so much fun~!
thanks to all our amazing friends for making our night the best!

우리는 좋은 친구가 ~!

지금 잠 ... 내가 피곤해




what a lovely day for the 바닷가 { beach }
ronny roo and i went swimming
and got ice cream
and hurt our feet on the rocks
and spied on the salt mine
and sat under the weeping willow
and ran away from bees
and had such a fun time~!

we had a campfire in our backyard:

lots of fun was had!
❤ have a great Wednesday everyone  


start of something

aweeee yeah

look what i did today ! !

the start of something new;

after almost 18 years, 
this kid
has graduated to a
big girl bed!

i am so thankful that ronny roo has allowed me to use her beautiful brass bed~!
it's an upgrade to a queen
from a twin

because i am a queen.

and i need the proper equipment to fulfill my duties as such

✓       crown

✓ queen bed

and this is just the start!
i have wallpaper
and furniture
and paint
and rearranging to do

i can't wait to have it all underway!
updates as we go along~~

❤ 섹시 카스