today and yesterday and the day before yesterday

Just a few snaps from the past few days.

Today I did a makeup tutorial on the above look
{ part 2 of B P K A ! }
I'm editing it as I type, and you'll be able to watch it sometime this week :-)
Exams are coming up! AH YAY!
^ But this means I won't be able to post as frequently ^

Look out for some simple outfit posts this week, though!

xoxo Cass


{ jumbled bundle }

good afternoon, friends!
today's post is totally scatter brained.
좋은 저녁, 친구!
오늘은 산만 오전 ugh ㅋㅋㅋ
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Lately, summer inspiration has had me feeling cheery and positive; only 8 more days!
나는 8 일 학교를 완료 , 난 아주 행복해^^

pictures via Tumblr
Bright colours, religious symbolism, cool dreaded hair, Amanda Bynes; all things getting me through these next few days.

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This poor little Robin flew into our bay window at the back of the house. He was okay, but totally stunned. His misfortune, though, was fortunate for me, for I was able to get within 30cm of it and snap some beautiful photos!

He flew off within 5 minutes of me snapping these photographs.

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I actually saw the website on a Youtube ad { of all places! }
I checked out their website 
and found the dress after only about 30 minutes of searching. I ordered it the next day, and it arrived in 3 days!
OOPS I forgot to mention that this store is located in China.
And the dress arrived in 3 days.

It totally exceeded what I expected and wanted from a dress bought online. I had three main concerns about buying it online:
1) There would be a lack of beading on the top
2) The colour of the dress would not be as pictured
3) The dress would not arrive on time

None of these problems occurred!

I was the only one in my friend group without a date, so my mother made me a quick corsage by putting my Great Grandmother's flowers into my jeweled bracelet. 

AND finally, the shoes.
Pictured about are my Cobalt Blue Platform Sandals from Forever 21
I opted for comfort, seeing as there would be pictures, dinner, and dancing over a period of 7 hours, and I wanted to be able to move by the end.
Seeing as they were a perfect colour match, I think the shoe gods were on my side for this one.

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I was looking back at my previous posts, trying to see if I've even mentioned Therac-25. It looks like I haven't yet, so here we go!

As my final hurrah at GDCI, I am directing a show called Therac-25 for my Free Play Project.

Originally, I was solely the director.
Last week, however, the lead of my show dropped out and I was left standing with a 2 person play, and half the cast missing. 
Within a span of two days, I considered all of my options:

- finding a replacement
As soon as I started to think logically and realized that I had one week, this option was TOSSED.

- calling in an actor who has played the role before

- cancelling the show
Double Nope.

- stepping in and taking the role as both actor and director
I guess so.

So I picked up the script and started to learn my lines. 
Well.. relearn my lines.. ugh not exactly.
You see, being a director versus being a stage actor is so different 
OMG so different 
Because I know the show from an image standpoint. I know how it looks and what feelings I get when I watch it. I create picture of a moment when directing. 
With acting, however, you are put in the moment. You are the moment. 
And that's what makes it different.
So I knew the lines, but I didn't know know the lines.
This past week has been really difficult. Totally stressful. My mother has been really supportive, and helped me to put things in perspective, especially when I was considering cancelling the show all together.

I really loved directing, and I obviously love acting,
But I'd much rather be on stage.

Which brings me to this;

Shit happens. Not too much we can do about it.
Sometimes you just need a shift in perspective to make it work.
It's true, some things are for the better.

7 PM , Thursday, June 13
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xoxo Cass


{ the last dance }

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That was a lot of photos.
All worth it, though!
My final Prom was amazing. Honestly, I can try to write a sappy paragraph about the dance itself, friends, getting older, blah blah blah, but I'm going to let you take away what you might from the above photos.

Pictures truly are worth 1000 words 
{ or maybe even more in this case }

{ Sorry Bron, stole your photo concept from last prom. Check her here. }

Tomorrow's post is a bit of a mash-up; including pics from the past month, birds, inspiration, and a more detailed look at my dress!

Ahhh this was fun
Watch out!
xx Cass