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Beauties !
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Let's get on with it!

Name / Age
Cassandra Sharon Phillips-Grande

Goderich, Sierra Leone 

Ronny , Stink , Omma & Appa

Favourite food
Food - Curry / Sticky Rice
Drink - Pepsi with lime / Chocolate Milk

Favourite colour
That's debatable. It's emerald green if you ask me, but if you look at my wardrobe, blue takes the cake. I'm a werido, what can I say!

Favourite song

Favourite movie
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes , Mulan / Hercules , The Shining

hoarding clothing
building campfires
painting / drawing Barbie { seriously, I've have too many images of Barbie }
pretending to be other people on a stage
watching Vikings

Do you have any signature moves / sayings ?
I constantly speak in my 'Handicapped Arabian' voice, an accent that came into being after Ronny and I were goofing off. I also clap when I laugh, something that I picked up whilst living in Busan { how very Korean of me } It's funny, a lot of people in the GDCI drama club have also started to pick up my 'ism' , I guess that means we spend too much time together oops

Closest friends
Mich , Celtae , Shayla , Ronny , Bron , Em , Ariel , Nicole

You have a second blog named Cassandra in Korealand. Why were you in Korea?
I lived in Busan, South Korea for a full year { you won't believe how many times I've been asked What Korea did you live in: North or South? }. I have always loved Asian culture, so I decided that I wanted to experience life in Asia. I initially wanted to go to Japan, but South Korea became available and I went there instead { what a great change of plans that was! } I attended a public high school; 부산 디자인 고등학교 { Busan Design High School }, lived with 2 Korean families, and was completely immersed in the culture! It completely changed my life for the better; it was difficult, but a character-enhancing experience. I've learned how to speak and write Korean, and it helped me immensely to make a choice about University and the path I wanted to take my life :-)

School ?
Speaking of, Yes. 
This is an opportune time to officially announce my decision about my whereabouts next year;

University of British Columbia for Pacific Asian Languages


Why are you taking languages
{ specifically Asian languages } ?

Like I said above, living in Korea opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Asia had to be in my life one way or another ^^

Why did you start a fashion blog?
It was a personal outlet for my passion of clothing and beauty. Although my family was supportive, it was hard growing up in a small town as such a one-off, quirky person. 
Kids are mean, and so are adults.
I would come home so upset by things that people were saying about me, and I looked to the internet for someone who was like me, someone I could relate to.
That's when I discovered Tavi Gevinson.
She was so unique, she dressed like me, and I found comfort in knowing that someone was just as curious as I was.
 Instead of being upset that people were talking about me,  I found the best way for me to channel my creative energy was through a fashion blog. I could take photos of my outfits, cool things I found at an antique store { or for free at the side of the road } and no one would judge me. Eventually, people even started to like my stuff. People thought I was interesting, and not just the weird drama/ballet kid sitting in the corner with her high heels, neon sequin maxi-dress, and biology textbook.
The High Life Fashion has grown and expanded, giving me outside opportunities that were only possible through the creation of my blog. I can't wait to have many more adventures with my blog and its readers !

Favourite Designer?
Oh god. I'm going to add an (s) at the end of 'designer';
Dior and Chanel for timeless beauty in clothing ,
Jeffrey Campbell for shoe design ,
and Celine for handbags.

Stranded on an island. Can only bring 7 beauty items. GO:

Cetaphil face cleanser
Aveda face moisturizer
Fit Me concealer
The Balm 'Stainiac' lip & cheek stain
Live Clean Argon Oil hair treatment

#1 Fashion Faux-pas
I personally think that the biggest mistake one can make whilst dressing themselves is dressing for a trend. I purchase and wear clothing for my own satisfaction. If someone else doesn't like what I'm wearing, too bad for them! I wear what makes me look good on the outside, and feel good on the inside.


Fashion Icon
Hmm.. well. My great grandmother was not only an amazing woman, but she also had the best sense of style imaginable. She wore the most unique items, and always managed to update classic looks.

Do you have one item of clothing that you can't stop wearing?
I'd have to say a black pair of warm leggings. I know, it's boring. But! I wear them all the time; whether that be under dresses, skirts, shorts, or even a long sweater. I love how versatile they are, and how warm I am in them.

What are the trends in Goderich? What do people like to wear? Do you follow these trends?
Yes, there are many trends in Goderich. Yes, most of them I hate.
To keep it short, here's a list;
- 'Booty Short's { too much bum cheek for me. Seriously. }
- Crop tops with 'booty shorts'
- Uggs in the summertime { IT'S TOO HOT, FOOL. Y U WEARING FUZZY BOOTS }
- Wearing spandex shorts { made for running a marathon or under a short skirt } as normal shorts
- Crop tops with spandex shorts 
- Using hairdressing clips as literal hair accessory
- eyeliner only on one's under eye, and in the colour black


Summer Plans?
I work for the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival, running the college that happens the week before the festival itself. I am also now part of the Huron County Divas team, something that I will expand on in a future post { this week :) }
Besides that , nothing too exciting! Just going to the beach, being with friends, camping, & shopping -- the usual :-)

Which character was your craziest Acting Role?
I'd have to say when I was the Third Witch in Macbeth.

I got really into the role. Really into it.
Looking back on it, that year was a completely foreign feeling. As the third witch in our Post-Apocalyptic version of the play, I was a runaway teenage prostitute that was picked up by the witches as an apprentice. I created an incredibly detailed back-story, complete with numerous journal entries as "Amaris" { the name I chose for the Third Witch }. 
Although people think I'm nuts when I say this, I utterly and thoroughly believe with all my being that the play changed me as a person for the duration of its run. The play totally got inside my head, almost to the point of it being scary.

By the end of the run, I was Amaris. 
It was such an amazing experience as an actor to have the experience of being completely absorbed in a character.
Weird, but amazing.

Do you method act?
{ For people who don't know what method acting is any of a family of techniques used by actors to create in themselves the thoughts and feelings of their characters, so as to develop lifelike performances. Basically, you do stuff to make yourself more like the character. }
Whether people believe that it works or not, I do it!
For my latest play, Last Man Hanged, I didn't shave for 4 months.
HAHA no; it wasn't uncomfortable!

What is one piece of advice you'd give to a large group of people?
Good hygiene is important. Wash yo' self.

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Tomorrow is PROM photos!

Goodnight All!
xoxo Cass

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