strange {re}beginnings


the idea of a blog is strange.
the whole "having a blog" thing is strange.

i love having it
i love taking photos
i love showing the world what i wear
& how i do my makeup
{ among many other things }
but when life gets in the way
and i have other { sadly } more important things to deal with
it just gets slipped under the rug
which sucks
but i guess it's just the way it is, right?

i'm trying to get out of the habit of letting insignificant things & people take up a significant amount of time in my life.

blogging & seinfeld & photo shoots & makeup & tutorials & acting & friends & family & celtic music & the korean language make me happy

and i'm trying to focus more energy and time on those things.
that's my promise to myself, my readers; & my blog itself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
i've changed the format of the blog yet again
i`m still getting used to it. it`s like rearranging your room, then not recognizing it when you re-enter.
the internet is a riot
i'm trying to creatively organize the many extended parts that belong to me. 
take a meander around. there are many new creations for you to explore
{ tumblr , twitter }

hope your day is well.
many things have happened in the past month or so.

for starters, i'm a squid.

new post tomorrow.

xo cass