feeling sad looking rad { a memoir }

Hello Friends;

First Semester is DONE
My first term in the BFA has been extraordinary. Being surrounded by fellow artists is a wonderful feeling, I've been growing and learning in peculiar ways.
I gained so much insight into the fact that I know nothing about acting. What a feeling to have.
Night of Secrets; the first opportunity our class had to perform, was such a success! I can not wait to be on the stage again.

My outfits lately have been.... disappointing.
I honestly feel like such a slob { compared to my normal state of dress }, I'm consistently looking in the mirror, dissatisfied with what I see.
All of my courses require me to move for 3 hours a day...
So everyday is yoga pants day...
It's a daily struggle.
I have so many beautiful clothes just lying.. in my closet...

But I digress.


best Daiso finds! i've discovered eyebrow gel, false eyelashes, and mascara that are my new favourites!!!!

outfit for a theatre outing

the apartment.

My Vancouver hair salon! BANGTOWN is the shit... literally the best place ever omg

a very Miley hallowee'en
{ makeup / outfit post later.... maybe.. }

I've been going through a rough emotional time for a long while. I realize that when I look back onto previous posts, I mention this a lot. It's made it nearly impossible to blog. It's hard to not be overcome by sadness when you feel it so often. I apologize for the frequent ramblings, but this is my safe haven, my creative outlet.
I'm so grateful for my supportive friends and family who have been rubbing my back, giving me kisses, and buying me blue gatorade.

I performed a dance last week in class about someone who recently left me heartbroken. Dance is such a healthy outlet for all of my woes; I'm such a kinesthetic person, dancing releases built up tension. It is the best form of therapy.

I also indulge in additional creative outlets;
acting, singing {poorly}, painting,
& making playlists.

here's to you { asshole }; take a listen.

I HATE { immature, self-important, narcissistic } 
xoxo Cass