AA shopping trip

hello friends!!
2 days ago i went to American Apparel to buy some gifts for friends.
Naturally, I had to try some things on.
These were my favourite items:

{ this is now in my possession ^_^ }

side boob = prime

fur coat - Forever 21
satchel - ALDO
maxi skirt - China Town marketplace
pink blouse - UBC Theatre Costume Sale

I also made sure to go to Haus of Vintage
{ They always have amazing deals! }

I ended up buying a Christmas Sweater
{which i'm wearing to a party tonight }

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

I received the BEST Christmas gift from Emmanuelle, a portrait!!!

i am so in love
what a perfect best friend.

I'm off to a Christmas Party!!! Have a wonderful Thursday friends!!!
xoxo Cass


nails & things

hello friends!

{1} All of my nail dreams came true today! I finally got a proper Japanese Gel manicure, AND a Half-Moon manicure all in one sitting! Don't they look gorgeous!!

{2} Yesterday's Outfit:

Cowboy Blouse - Haus of Vintage
Skirt - French Connection { Thrifted }

& some inspiration:

hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!
xoxo Cass


antique shopping with emmanuelle

hello friends!
did some antique shopping with Emmanuelle yesterday

Fur Coat - Forever 21
Cotton Ball Sweater - H&M
Boots - Joe Fresh
Denim Jeans - South Korean Market
Bag - Gifted

I was mistaken for a mannequin yesterday!
I was sitting {apparently quite still} waiting for Emmanuelle, when a woman in front of me gasped when I crossed my legs!
The poor thing though I was part of the store display 

hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!
now that classes are over, I have much more spare time
{ for shopping, painting, working out, and blogging }
i'm going to try to post more often ... i'm so awful at staying consistent.

xoxo Cass