I was asked to do a step-by-step pictorial of how I fill in my eyebrows for an online magazine in Ontario.
{ ..it hasn't been published yet }
I thought I'd post it here first for everyone who has been asking me about how I do it!!
How to Fill in your Eyebrows
{ Like a Pro (ish) }

Pluck unwanted hairs around your eyebrow's natural arch.
Use a spoolie brush and comb your eyebrows in the direction they naturally grow. This will help you to determine which shape best suits your features.

Using the eyebrow product of your choice
{ here I'm using a NYX Brow Pencil in Black },
outline the shape of your desired brow; although you can over-draw them to create fuller brows, they'll look best if you follow the natural shape.

Continue to fill in the rest of your brows. If the hairs on inner part { closest to your nose } are sparse, do not fret! This is a very common 'issue' { MINE ARE THIN TOO }, but this is actually ideal for creating a natural fade. Use a lighter hand on the inside, with the darkest part on the outmost corner.

Using the spoolie provided on the end of the brow pencil { or whichever brush you prefer }, blend the product in your brows to get rid of the harsh drawn lines. Use a lighter hand for the inner corner. Blend the top of the inner corner more than the bottom. This will give some dimention & structure.
At this time, I use the spoolie to lightly drag the end of my brow down, creating a modified 1920's brow. I ADORE 20's style makeup, so that's why I add this step. This is completely optional, and not suggested if you are looking for a completely natural look.

Using a Q-Tip, clean around your brow. If there are any parts that need to be reshaped, this is the time to do so. If you are wearing foundation, do not fret! Use a small brush to blend your foundation back. If you want a sharp brow, use the same brush + concealer to outline the edges.

Using a brow gel of your choice { tinted or clear }, lightly brush your brows, following the natural & filled shape. Make sure the hairs stay in between the lines for a polished look. For a more natural look, set the inner part of your brows by brushing up. This will create a more casual look.

Using an iridescent eyeshadow { I LOVE Naked Pallet's Virgin }, highlight under the arch of your brows, on your brow bone. This is my favourite step! It adds dimension to your face & brightens your skin.


I hope this helps everyone who has been asking me!!
Viva la Eyebrows

I was also interviewed on my views on beauty. Check it out! :
When did you first get interested in beauty?  
As I started ballet at a young age, I was in contact with makeup and beauty product as soon as I began to perform. As a typically curious girl, I began to experiment with makeup outside of dance at age 13. I began my fashion blog at age 14, at which point my readers consistently inquired about my makeup (specifically winged eyeliner & eyebrows). That's when I began making tutorials!
Why do you think eyebrows have become the next big thing?
The collective conscience of the fashion industry is ever changing. Starting in 2012, the rise of the fashion hause Celine started a shift in trends, as their signature look was fresh, clean, neutral, & natural. Fellow designers followed suit, and within a year, gone were the days of glamor & the supermodel, as runways were dominated by baby faced models. The aesthetic of 2013/2014 was women free of makeup and modifications, including natural hair and unkempt eyebrows.
Why do you choose to do your eyebrows?
Eyebrows frame the eyes! I always feel more confident when my eyebrows are groomed & filled, as it accentuates my cheekbones and the angular nature of my face, and is a quick way to get the no-makeup makeup look in a hurry. It polishes my look by giving it a fierce edge. Good eyebrows run the world!
What eyebrow product is your go to product?
DEFINITELY brow gel. Without it, fuzzy eyebrows go wild. It's such an important step; sealing in the work you did filling them in makes sure they last all day!
Do you have any tips for people who are learning how to do their eyebrows?
PRACTICE!!! Filling your eyebrows is a seemingly intimidating makeup task, as it is so individual depending on your natural brow shape, as well as your desired look. LOOK AT PHOTOS! Look for people with similar brow shapes to you. Although Cara-Style eyebrows are enticing, not every face shape suits them. DON'T OVER PLUCK!! Let your eyebrows grow for at least 6 months! Although it is tempting, don't touch them. When they've grown out, get a professional to shape them. This will give you a perfect canvas to start filling in correctly!
Who is your eyebrow idol?
American model Shaughnessy Brown. She's gorgeous, and a total sweetheart. She likes all of my #eyebrows photos on Instagram.
What do your eyebrows say about you?
Eyebrows show independent beauty, for they are as unique as fingerprints. They show personality, strength, and how empowering makeup can be for women. Gone are the days of women seen as doing makeup "to impress men". Makeup is an art form; eyebrows are the frame of the painting.☆
 xo Cass 

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