{ I realized it made more sense to divide it up by day instead of one big post! }
This season was incredible. Stunning collections, outfits, and people. I've made so many new friends and connections it's unreal.
I was not able to attend all 6 days, seeing as I am a full time student & my studies have to be the priority.
{ I know, studying! blegh!! }
However, I had 3 magical days of shows, wine, photos, and friends.
Leeet's GO!
 { DAY ONE }

The Outfit

Gown - Sally Anne's
{ This dress was in the $5 bin!! I had some alterations done for under $30 to update its look. }
Sequined Blazer - Nasty Gal Original Collection
Shoes - Spring, from Ronner
Bag - Sally Anne's

Tassel Earrings - H&M
{ I am going to do a post specifically about all of my ear bling, but that's for a later time. }
The Experience
Courtesy of Kuna Photography
Courtesy of StreetScout
Courtesy of Ed Ng Photography
The Collections
Featuring my favourite collections from Day 4.

Although I love swimming & spending time at the beach {underneath an umbrella, but at the beach nonetheless}, I find that my search for swimwear always ends in disappointment. Unflattering cuts, bland designs, and predictable colours leave me unsatisfied, wearing suits I frankly do not like. Vitamin A, however, was the furthest thing from that. The blend of patterns & styles, and the fact that most pieces had multiple layers, created a dimensional look that was unique but universally flattering. I find that it is quite difficult for me to wear a low rise bikini, as I am tiny but not toned, leaving me feeling exposed and uncomfortable. This collection, however, beautifully balanced coverage; whether it was a long sleeved lace overlay with bikini bottoms, or high rise briefs with a bustier style top. This collection is therefore extremely wearable, as I can see myself (and other women) gladly strutting these designs on beaches everywhere. The use of colour and texture was brilliant, my favourite piece being the strappy neon bikini underneath a black lace long sleeved crop top. The versatility of each individual piece allows for easy pairing; each piece doesn't necessarily match, but definitely goes together, allowing for a plethora of unique combinations. 
Brunette Showroom

Autumn! Autumn!! Brunette Showroom's FW2015 collection is the embodiment of the season, with the overall lookbook reminiscent of my own closet. I love designs that are blaringly different, yet pair together effortlessly. It's the method to which I have created my personal wardrobe. The use of curve hugging cuts creates the ideal feminine silhouette, while the various patterns and autumn colour scheme creates a eclectic mix of youthful looks. Velvet & silk coordinated in floral and plaid patterning offered the luxurious warmth one craves in Fall attire. Dark cherry lipstick finished off the looks for the perfect pale grunge aesthetic. Cosy and playful, edgy and dressy, I saw many hints of inspiration from Native American art, baroque period gowns, and Coachella festival attire, which created a one of a kind, multifaceted collection.


Easy silhouettes and layering, while playing with the pattern and texture of fabrics created the effortless aniimiism collection. I find that many F/W collections tend to focus on the more than the F, making many articles wearable for only a few months. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the pieces worn could easily be a staple in any fashion girl's closet for the transition period of summer into autumn. The airiness of this collection is what really grabbed me, along with the matching sets of pants & dresses. The use of flowy fabrics that were lightly draped and synched, with the addition of fringes & calf height socks made me feel late summer, while the colour pallet of warm neutrals & a hint of burgundy combined in ornate patterns on multiple layers screamed autumn. The combination of these aesthetic choices allowed for a casual, yet polished, effortless and chic FW collection.


Boxy cuts, brow brushing Pharrel Williams hats, & clean, simple lines with just the right pop of colour. NIGHT X DAY was more than just a collection of clothing, but a thought provoking show to witness. The collection, accented with hints of gold and pink for a dainty, feminine touch on both men and women, beautifully contrasted with the stark, severe naturure of the ominous hats. I greatly appreciate the juxtaposition of men in tighter, "feminine" silhouettes, with the addition of pink accents & flowy shirts, with women in traditionally "male" attire of wide, boxy suit coats. The idea of gendered clothing {whether certain articles should be gender/sex specific} is currently a popular discussion within fashion and equal rights activist circles alike. What makes a colour, fabric, or design appropriate for a certain gender, and is this judgement fair? The same attire in photo #6 was also worn by a female model; the hallmark of easy androgyny.
NIGHT X DAY was a wonderful, subtle avenue for reflection; creating an atmosphere of normality around gender neutral dress.

Noe Bernacelli

 If you're an avid follower of my blog {or happen to know me personally}, it should come to no surprise that this Elie Saab-esque collection was my favourite of the whole week. This collection, designed by the brand's namesake, was a visually orgasmic display of colour, texture, sparkle, and craftsmanship. With an obvious appreciation for careful precision, the hand beading, stitching, and appliques were evident even from the audience. When I saw the gowns up close backstage, however, the attention to detail gave each piece a royal air. One could not help feeling like a princess even just in the presence of these works of art.
Along with full gowns, the collection also included capes with matching pants, cocktail-length dresses, and shirt-skirt combination covered in fine feathers. The addition of these accent pieces acted as a perfect balance, showing the full spectrum of the Haute Couture aesthetic.
Sophisticated & mature, yet youthful in its timeless, Bernacelli offered a plethora of inspiration as well as princess worthy eye-candy.

thank you for your beautiful work!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There it is !
Day One!

Day Two will be out soon, I'm feeling MUCH better now, I'm able to sit up!! And blog!!!

xo Cass

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