mr. fendi says hello

OH HIIIII THERE! Since life has slowed down a bit {not really, but I now have a few seconds to breath}, I will post what should have been done on Saturday morning. Here it goes;

While getting dressed for work this morning, I decided to go for Menswear chic, a trend that we have been seeing on the runways and will continue to for the Fall/Winter season.

 Bow Blouse-Alfred Sung, Paisley Suspenders-Thrifted ($2!!!)

Closest thing to a full body shot. Its kinda difficult you are vain and by yourself.

FENDI SHOES! These were a gift from a lady I am acting with. They were too small for her, so she gave them to me! I love her style, so they fit with my closet perfectly! And just like cinderella, the shoes fit too!

Triangle nose? Yep. Just getting into the Hallowe'en spirit!

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