a pocket full of evil

Even my Dog  is fierce.

Right now, I am in the process of finishing a Mathematics Assignment, so this post will not be as long as you may wish { unless you don't want to read ANY part of this blog. Therefore you should probably leave. }.

This outfit got many... pensive looks...
I got the old: "Are you dressing up for a funeral?" line.
Nope. THANK GOD I wasn't going to one.

Definitely feeling the goth jams in this ensemble. Thrifted 80's Navy Blue cocktail dress. Jacob Blouse. Random belt. POCKET NECKLACE from Mexico [ yessssss. its a pocket made of beads and attached to a string of beads. I carry Pennies, snacks, and friendly notes in it. ]. Shoe Barn snake skin wedges. Guess Shoulder Bag.

When it comes to hair, I am now going to have to wait for a while to dye it.
My director for the school's version of Macbeth has some OTHER ideas. Like dying it Purple, Green, and Yellow...
MEH. At least it will be interesting.

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