what i should be doing

So, exams are over!
Umm, yay!

I am so happy to finally be stress free and doing other things... like POSTING!
I have a few outfits to share... ;-)

~~~I worked Tuesday COMPLETELY alone, so Ronnie came into the store, and we just took pictures with the D7000 all day! Yes-- it was THAT dead~~~

BFF Necklace. <3

^^Chinese Food. Mmm

Sad? Confused? Constipated?
I don't even know.

So perfect.



HEHE. I love you!

 This skirt was made out of a dress I bought at GT Boutique! I Cut off the bottom. It made me look like a cheap hooker when I wore it the normal way.

The detailing is super pretty!

Shirt by Ardenes. Necklace from China.

This was a thrift store find. I LOVE THESE PANTS! I hate wearing jeans, but I think that these will become my "I want to be comfy and warm today" go-to staple instead!

Scarf/Belt from Claire's. Shoes by Jules and James.

Shirt by Alfred Sung. Necklace from Egypt :-) Watch from Claire's.

Suede Pants from New Again.

^Inspiration, everyday.^


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