f r e s h e f f e c t s

im a big girl that has finally caught up with the rest of the lookbooking crowd.
i installed photoshop to edit ma photos! thats how the above look was created.
(not that i actually know how to use it... it actually took me 3 hours to get the finished product, and i wasn't even going for anything like that. and the one on the right was a mistake gone right. ima twit.)
i am going to try to be creative for lookbook. apparently people are looking more at the quality of the photo/ how good they edited it rather than the actual quality of what they are wearing.
which bugs the shiit{ake mushrooms} out of me.
this is a response to an email that i recieved from Emily R. of Washington DC.
she states:
"hi cassandra!
{rest of email body}
could you do a post about what's in your purse? i am just kinda interested to know lol. not being nosey, just curious to see what weird things you carry!haha"
here we go!

pictured above is the amazing guess purse that my mother and father bought for me last christmas!

1) My Planner:
Alysia Plowells. I love you.
This thing is a life saver, especially with my new and very different schedule in korea!

2) Jesus Keychain:
Cause jesus is awesome. And so is Ariel Rahn ( who bought it for me! )
And it holds me house key!

I am an amazing shopper and discovered this gem whilst looking in the $1 BIN AT MY LOCAL SALLY ANNE. BURN SHAKALACKA

4) Blush:
Because people who know me KNOW how much i love my blush.

5) gummy gum gum:
Great entertainment when you are bored. Tastes good. Nice to have when you are a bit hungry!

6) Lip Stain:
I fit right in with the girls here in Korea. Everyone LOVES lipstain, and thanks to Jesus Christ, i have a very high quality / expensive lipstain.

7) Floss!:
Because I hate it when i have a piece of steak caught between my teeth. So annoying!

**not pictured above but still as equally important is:**
cellular device
more makeup.
aunt jen's goddess stone

thanks emily!
i hope that this answered your question!
^ sorry if my stuff wasn't as weird as you thought it would be. teehee ^

** for any other questions or inquiries, please email me ! **

until next time xoxo

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