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here are some photos and events that happened during my blogging hiatus

featured in a Carman's Foto Source advertisement

shoooooot with lexi

i remember this night clearly:
it was a friday. january sometime. i had just finished work for the night and it was cold as INSERT A REALLY BAD WORD HERE.
i borrowed (stole) a camera from work (d3100) and we went to the gazebo in the courthouse square and shot this.


^^ above photos from after the freezing-our-asses-off-in-the-cold photo shoot^^

more lexi loving

mother found this jewelry box in my closet when we were putting extra shoe shelves in it. turns out, this is from when she was a child. really neat with some beautiful necklaces !

right after getting my braces off :-D

above photos from the easter weekend with some friends !
i love photoshoots with people i care about... especially with great cameras and sets to work with..

i have so many great memories from last year ~
bittersweet for me to look at these..

can't wait to see you all so soon !

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