best day eva!

happy valentines day!

now, i know that most people who are single detest valentines day.
i don't know why they do!

there are so many of these given out..
.. to everyone in the classroom because you don't want to be the mean old witch and not give one to Jimmy {even though you don't know him}.

and these sent..
..for wayyy to much money.

and these eaten..

.. as the only source of food energy for 3 days until you get so sick of them you throw them out. and then regret later because you crave them soooo badly.

and then the mother of all awesome happens to everyone but you

so you feel like this

and then want to do this

why hate it?
embrace it!

it gives you lots of time to do stuff like this

and last but not least, get in on a bit of the fun yourself!
don't let all of those happy couples get you down!

feel that giant cookies and cream white chocolate bar love.

like i always say,
if you can't beat em'...
retail therapy always works, too.

해피 발렌타인 데이 !!!

check it out!
like it!
do that facebookie stuff that you do on there!

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