beach day & last day

a few of my close friends and i had a wonderful beach day yesterday!
most of them are going off to university , so this was our last hurrah! for the summer !

~ ~ ~
today; ronny roo and i had a wonderful lunch with michaela while she was home for a few hours ... such a fun time with my best friends!

afterwards, on our way home, we went for a bit of a detour to find a good photo location.
as you can tell , fall is almost here.
soy beans :

what an amazing summer this has been..

so many words to describe it!
many firsts,
but some old favourites.

things gained,
and found.

so eventful,
so short,
and so.. different.

i love everyone who has made this summer
my best one yet!
good luck to my friends as they journey off to university ~~ i am with you in spirit, but don't worry..

i'll be joining you soon enough.



Anni said...

Your rainbow leopard print monokini is awesome <3


Cassandra Phillips-Grande said...

thank you!! <3