eyebrows and hanging my brother

When I was writing and looking for photos for Friday's post, I started getting some ideas.

Obviously I love everything Cara Delevingne, 
but her makeup look from Moschino's ss2013 runway show really stood out to me!

So I tried it out,
and took some pictures along the way.

Mhmm. Let's see how this works out.

1 ) Start with a bare, clean face. Don't forget to make cute Asian girl faces every so often.

2) Use a light foundation to cover your face and neck. Cara has a fair complexion like myself, so I used BB Cream for lighter coverage. I find that classic foundation, even in its lightest shade, is too dark for my complexion. I would rather have it too light than too dark! BB Cream is the best compromise for me.
3) Conceal blemishes, under eyes, dark spots, etc. I have some scars and discolouration from acne, so I used a bit of concealer on my cheeks. I also used it under my eyes, chin, and nose bridge to highlight my face.

Blended and Beautiful!

4) Using a white eyeliner; line your upper lash line, water line, and inner eye near your tear duct. This might look a bit extreme right now, but trust me! It looks FABULOUS in the end look. I have actually started to wear my eye makeup as such. It really opens up your eyes!
5) Mascara.
Lots of it.

6) Apply false lashes on your top and bottom lash lines. Keep the top lashes close to your natural lashes, & apply the bottom lashes just below your natural lashes. This creates the dimension and drama that is a focus in this makeup look. I only had one set of lashes { as in I could only find one pair at the time. oops, bad planning on my part }, so I cut them up and pulled a Twiggy. The intention is to have lashes everywhere.

7) Fill in and define your eyebrows with a dark eyebrow shadow or eyebrow pencil. Cara's bold eyebrows are accentuated by filling them in with a dark pencil, so I did the same with mine. The powder is a bit too light for my eyebrows { again; oops. bad planning on my part } but it's close!

8) Line your lips with a nude lip liner. Top with a coral lipstick. I used a nude/rose coloured lip liner. I then used my lip brush and applied coral lipstick over top. 

you're done!
la fin!

This was super fun to do! I might do more makeup pictorials in the future ~ ~ ~

Do I look like Cara?

I surely hope so.


it's our competition performance date tomorrow!
wish us goofballs luck!

i'll be updating THE.HIGH.LIFE.FACEBOOK
with photos throughout the week
{AND hopefully a blog post or two! }


i mean,

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