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good afternoon, friends!
today's post is totally scatter brained.
좋은 저녁, 친구!
오늘은 산만 오전 ugh ㅋㅋㅋ
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Lately, summer inspiration has had me feeling cheery and positive; only 8 more days!
나는 8 일 학교를 완료 , 난 아주 행복해^^

pictures via Tumblr
Bright colours, religious symbolism, cool dreaded hair, Amanda Bynes; all things getting me through these next few days.

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This poor little Robin flew into our bay window at the back of the house. He was okay, but totally stunned. His misfortune, though, was fortunate for me, for I was able to get within 30cm of it and snap some beautiful photos!

He flew off within 5 minutes of me snapping these photographs.

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I actually saw the website on a Youtube ad { of all places! }
I checked out their website 
and found the dress after only about 30 minutes of searching. I ordered it the next day, and it arrived in 3 days!
OOPS I forgot to mention that this store is located in China.
And the dress arrived in 3 days.

It totally exceeded what I expected and wanted from a dress bought online. I had three main concerns about buying it online:
1) There would be a lack of beading on the top
2) The colour of the dress would not be as pictured
3) The dress would not arrive on time

None of these problems occurred!

I was the only one in my friend group without a date, so my mother made me a quick corsage by putting my Great Grandmother's flowers into my jeweled bracelet. 

AND finally, the shoes.
Pictured about are my Cobalt Blue Platform Sandals from Forever 21
I opted for comfort, seeing as there would be pictures, dinner, and dancing over a period of 7 hours, and I wanted to be able to move by the end.
Seeing as they were a perfect colour match, I think the shoe gods were on my side for this one.

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I was looking back at my previous posts, trying to see if I've even mentioned Therac-25. It looks like I haven't yet, so here we go!

As my final hurrah at GDCI, I am directing a show called Therac-25 for my Free Play Project.

Originally, I was solely the director.
Last week, however, the lead of my show dropped out and I was left standing with a 2 person play, and half the cast missing. 
Within a span of two days, I considered all of my options:

- finding a replacement
As soon as I started to think logically and realized that I had one week, this option was TOSSED.

- calling in an actor who has played the role before

- cancelling the show
Double Nope.

- stepping in and taking the role as both actor and director
I guess so.

So I picked up the script and started to learn my lines. 
Well.. relearn my lines.. ugh not exactly.
You see, being a director versus being a stage actor is so different 
OMG so different 
Because I know the show from an image standpoint. I know how it looks and what feelings I get when I watch it. I create picture of a moment when directing. 
With acting, however, you are put in the moment. You are the moment. 
And that's what makes it different.
So I knew the lines, but I didn't know know the lines.
This past week has been really difficult. Totally stressful. My mother has been really supportive, and helped me to put things in perspective, especially when I was considering cancelling the show all together.

I really loved directing, and I obviously love acting,
But I'd much rather be on stage.

Which brings me to this;

Shit happens. Not too much we can do about it.
Sometimes you just need a shift in perspective to make it work.
It's true, some things are for the better.

7 PM , Thursday, June 13
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xoxo Cass

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