greetings loved ones, lets take a journey

As you can tell from the setup, pictures, and overall awkwardness of this website, I am a beginner at blogging, a rookie if you will. Kinda like the style rookie; Tavi Gevinson, but so much lamer.

I'm just a girl that loves fashion, Family Guy, and wants to be a Doctor.

As the new girl in town-or on the net rather, I just hope that my posts come across as witty, sarcastic, intelligent, or something that people want to be viewed as. Just not normal. Fashion has always been my 'thing', something I have always been good at. At least I think so. Most of my outfits seem  to cause controversy within my peers and friends, and I assume that this blog will do the same. I always push the limits of ideal beauty and stand on the borders of what people think are acceptable. I spend way too much time in the Sally Anne and my Great-Grandmother's closet, but that is what makes me different.

And after all of this, the beginning seems to be a very good place to start. Hopefully this picture will give you a glimpse into my life pre-blogger, and start a fresh slate for a hopefully mediocre career blogging in my future. My sister and I at ages 3 & 2, looking fierce as ever. Enjoy.

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