old school

My friends and I threw a surprise birthday party for our dear friend Leslie, who's parents decided that since she was 16, she no longer should have birthday parties. They encouraged her to have a "Social Get-Together". Whatever that means. It sounds as if we should be drinking tea on a Sunday afternoon in a room with too much floral wallpaper-which is ok for me, since I am really a Tea Granny, but not so hot for the cool, hip youngsters of today's world.

In any case...

We eventually came upon the theme of the 80's: the decade with too much of everything. Though, it was not overwhelming and was probably the best party we have ever thrown . The decor to set the mood was amazing-complete with multiple disco balls, an abundance of streamers, and penis balloons. Why we had them, I will never know. But they were quite funny. Our outfits, though, we even more amazing. How we accomplished that-on the other hand, was no mystery. All of us got in the mood with a rainbow of colours, leg warmers, heels, and lots of hairspray.  Together, we created a montage of clothing that even Madonna would rival.
Sketchy Ice Cream truck. From the 80's. SCORE.

The British man we picked up on the street. He smelt nice.

The look that I was going for was 80's Workout Barbie meets 13 Going on 30.

mesh body suit- gift from friend. floral tights- mother's memory chest. shoes- 50¢ Salvation Army. cardigan- H&M. all accessories, personal vintage collection.

This theme was super cool, very fun, and a blast to put together. While walking the streets-I know, it sounds horrible- we got many stares, many compliments, and even and extremely good looking British man that smelt like oranges. With all this in mind, this night was an overall slam dunk. What is also a score is this picture below that my friend Ally took.
Isn't that just lovely.

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