the brigade

SO... I am finally back from Mexico! It was probably the most amazing trip that I have every been on! I can't even wait to post all the photos from it! I, along with my entire family, have a great deal of new found respect for Mexico, her people, and her culture. It was so diverse and welcoming, I wish I would have put it higher on the list for exchange destinations!

And now for other things of importance!

Happy Belated Birthday Nicholas and Jesus!
Nicholas is my brother, and he shares the same birthday as the son.

Christmas outfits. One of the most exciting parts of the season for me! I love to dress up in the colours of the season and wear luxurious fabrics and patterns! My family laughs at me every time. This year, I was asked by my Nana if "I was going to Florida!?!" Don't ask me how this makes any sense in context. It doesn't. This outfit is more appropriate for riding in a One-Horse open sleigh with than traveling to a tropical destination.

Wearing Old Navy Jacket, Thrifted Elephant skirt and skating hat, unknown scarf thingy, Diesel shoes, NEW Louis Vuitton handbag!

Another accessory that I am very proud of is my hair! It was braided traditionally by one of the locals during the trip. Isn't it just lovely? This sea lion seems to like it too.

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