a self fulfilled prophecy

I am an official bag of douche.
I went shopping at Aritzia.

I know, I know. What makes me one? And why so quick to judge?

Well, I don't have anything against the store, or the people who work there, or the clothing. It's just that some of the people I know who wear their clothing, are, well.... ^as depicted above^ . It seems to be a lifestyle at my school that frankly, I don't agree with. BUT ONTO WHAT I BOUGHT.

I arrived home with a beautiful Teal dress with amazing shoulders! I could kill someone with these!

Dress-Aritzia. Tights-The Greenroom. Necklace and bracelet- Great Grandma Collection. Shoes- Mother Dearest's Vintage.

Ronnie and I also studied last night. And by study, I mean "study".
We baked cookies!

Choosing music-- Marina and the Diamonds. FAVOURITE.

Betty Crocker, you never do me wrong.

"Housewife?"-- Bronwyn Armstrong.

Eating cookie dough. Disgusting.

It's a big blob of cookie dough on my face. THROWN at my face.
Thank you.

It spells; L P G. Just incase you couldn't read it.

Find the penis cookie!

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