♡ marina and the diamonds ♡
first off, let's just marvel at the beauty which is she

we obviously have a few things to talk about here..

one ~ music
i have been a fan of marina and the diamonds for a VERY long time now (thanks to my lovely, right-hand lady shayshay), so anything she does/wears/sings/touches, i love.
so much

her previous album was divine

so when she announced her newest album
i was so excited.

only problem was..
all of her diamonds {fans} had to wait almost a year and a half to hear it. we hate anticipation.
 but we made it through until her singles were released, then some people went cray~cray

her first single released was fear and loathing in which she cut off all of her hair, and talked about jealousy, not being able to trust people, and letting things go. 

as pictured here.

most of the reviews were positive--of course, the old "i'd totally f%@$ her
"wtf is this. really shitty music right here
comments were present, but at least her fans were on her side. 

the only thing that people were wondering about was the title of her new album..
was it hinting at a more synth / beat box / electronic vibe to the whole album, and was this single just a decoy to throw us all off?
 or was there something else going on.. aka- a total transformation? (hence the hair chop) 

it was quite obvious in her second single
 that it was a lot of both.
personally, i love the switch she has made. her sound is quite different, but she still adds the strange harmonies & slides, and killer lyrics that make her uniquely marina.

not surprisingly, though, she also received some harsh criticism from people who didn't like this new sound and style.
her alter ego, now known as ELECTRA HEART was received differently by each diamond. many people simply wanted "Electra Heart to go off and die! We want to old Marina back!"
... @_@ ... people can't even handle a bit of hair dye and a new clothing catalogue.
these people obviously do not understand art and evolution.
for marina to keep her image fresh, change was needed.. JUST LIKE FOR EVERY OTHER ARTIST OUT THERE. changing things up sparks new interest: and although it might discourage some, change inspires creativity.
yes. i love her first album,
but i also love her second.
embrace the change, diamonds!

two ~ fashion
 as shown above, her style is impeccable. it is literally so perfect. 

following her super cute and quirky video Hollywood, she came out saying:
" i feel inspired by the idea of the American dream-- the double edged sword of success and despair; the inspiration, ignition, and failure of it all. there is a real darkness to it, and it's something i would like to expand on and work with.."
during her hibernation, she worked on this image, and boy did she work it well.
in many interviews with marina , she states that she has been inspired by icons of the 50's & 60's, and focused on that girl-next-door / suburban housewife / nuclear family look.


her main inspiration for her look, though, is from Valley of the Dolls

this is all just sooo good.

from her hair

to her makeup

to how hot she looks in .gif 's

she is my idea of perfection.
 marina is an amazing talent and my biggest inspiration-
her sheer beauty, combined with her obvious knowledge of fashion's effect on an image, and her unbelievable skill of turning words into gold pushes me to continue to strive for fierceness.


hand cramp

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