pacing lacing

lots of lace yesterday for a Chinese food dinner with friends

my poorly executed hair bow was a real crowd-pleaser -- many people commented on how cute and asian i looked.
haha what a coincidence.
{next time, i am going to tease my hair lightly before i put it in the bow; that way it might stay. updates to come}

shirt- sally anne (with matching skirt not pictured)
skirt- korean market
shoes- aldo

everyone thought this shirt and skirt was a matching set-- doesn't it go together perfectly?

also the new layout and colours and photos and things!
it was time to change it up-
yay for change! 
i don't know how permanent this layout will be, i like the patterns/photos, but i might tweek it as i go!

what does everyone think?



  MY "How to Rag Curl your Hair!" VIDEO HAS 1500 VIEWS!

seriously, watch it!
right here.

many people have sent me comments stating that it worked wonders for them! even better!

~~oh happy days~~

too much news for a friday?
have a wonderful day^^~


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