celtic fest { 2013 }

What an amazing festival we had this year. So smooth and uneventful, yet totally brilliant. 
Amazing music, 
friends { old and new alike } 
food, talking, everything.

I just love Celtic times so much.

And now,
"What Cassandra wore the entire week"

Pre - Hairdressers
{ I got my hair done two days before Celtic started. Have to be fresh! }

After - Hairdressers

I am surprised how much I didn't want to take selfies throughout the week. Compared to all the wicked things around me, outfit / makeup photos felt like such a chore.
That's how much fun I had this week.
Selfies were lame compared to this week.

One of the best parts of the week, however, was spending quality time with my Celtic Sisters ;
Cassie & Maggie MacDonald
Michy the Bitchy Witchy
and Ronny Roo

I love these girl! UGH
Come back to Goderich PLEASE

Celtic, I think it's time to come back. 
Goderich misses you already.

xo Cass

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