I had many stares-and compliments on this outfit today. I even had someone ask me if it was a Sailor Moon costume for Halloween. Apparently I was getting ahead of myself and dressing up a bit too early. However, it is super cute!

Earthwinds Dress, $49. Ballet tights. Renaissance inspired shoes, *drama room*.

I purchased the nautical themed dress at a boutique called Earthwinds. Inside, they sell all Fair Trade made clothing, shoes, home decor items, and 1000's of earrings and jewelry pieces. In one word, AMAZING. This was one dress, along with another on and a romper, that I purchased.

*The shoes were from the dramatic arts room in the school. We were cleaning out wardrobe, and I found these. They are surprisingly comfortable, and super-foxy-awesome. So I had to take them.*

Any resemblance here?

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